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Keswick returns to peace…Explore the history of Keswick after the First World War

Keswicxk Main Street Moot Hall (rendered steps chimney
Bunting possibly 1918 celebrations
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Session Outline:

The session concentrates on how Keswick returned back to peace time after the First World War. The children will discover different aspects of the war’s aftermath such as returning to work, living with disabilities, the Spanish Flu epidemic and ideas of remembrance by exploring the new War and Peace exhibition. Three hands on activities which complement the exhibition will enhance an understanding of why there wasn’t a way back to normal after the traumatising experience of the war. Activities exploring the impact of the Spanish Flu, medical treatments in the period, living with facial injuries as well as living with common post conflict disabilities like hearing and sight impairment.


  • Discover exhibition and investigate stories of real Keswick people
  • Medical treatments in the past focusing on the Spanish Flu and further illnesses. The students identify different herbs and explore which healing powers they contain.
  • Dealing with disabilities after the war, the students undertake a trail without being able to see and experience the noise of tinnitus.
  • Facing facial injuries, the group session focuses on different types of masks and what impact they have on us. We look at what it means to the wearer as well as the viewer.

Practical Details:

  • Year groups 3-6;
  • The three activities including exploration of the exhibition take 2 hours
  • Two activities are self-led with clear instructions
  • The students work together in pairs or groups,
  • 10am-12 or 1-3pm
  • £3.00 per pupil, leaders free.
  • Lunch possible on site if booked in advance

Contact: 017687 73263

Session outline pdf