One Lake Many Users

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Session Outline:

The session explores stories of different lake users’ from both human and wildlife perspectives. It raises the question of how we balance these different interests to share a place between different species.


  • Explore Dive into Derwentwater exhibition
  • Pupil guide pupil: we turn into tour guides as we each take turns to study and then explain part of the exhibitions story focusing on the different users of the lake.
  • Design a lake: The activity is based on role play scenarios with the children working in groups to present a case for an activity and then to find a consensus with each other. The roles will cover different groups such as the Otter Trust, Wild Swimmers, boat hire company etc.,
  • Organise a campaign: The activity focuses on the spread of the invasive New Zealand Pygmyweed and how we might communicate to users of the water how to stop its spread.


Practical Details:

  • Year groups 3-6;
  • The three activities including exploration of the exhibition take 2 hours
  • The students work together in pairs or groups,
  • 10am-12 or 1-3pm
  • £3.00 per pupil, leaders free.
  • Lunch possible on site if booked in advance

Session outline

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