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Have you ever heard of Lakeland’s first successful export, distributed all over Britain? We have it on display – the Neolithic stone axes from the Langdale axe “factories”. In the Neolithic era humans started to shape the landscape through quarrying and farming.  The Lake District would once have been a dense woodland. Visit the Museum to explore how a natural landscape became highly industrialised. Find out about the River Greta, whose water was the engine for a wealth of water-powered industry.

On display in the Living Here zone are:

  • A selection of Neolithic objects, including the Langdale stone axes
  • Objects relating to farming and dairy production
  • Mining objects, showing specimens of the area including the Caldbeck minerals
  • Water powered industries, including flax, bobbins, and pencils
  • Information on Force Crag mine and dealing with a mining legacy

Come along to find out how humans shaped the landscape that you see today.




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