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Living Here Zone (Will be back in 2021)


Living here in Keswick

Have you ever heard of Lakeland’s first successful export, distributed all over Britain? We have it on display – the Neolithic stone axes from the Langdale axe “factories”. Yes, already in the Neolithic era humans started to shape the landscape through quarrying and farming.  The Lake District would once have been a dense woodland. Visit the museum to explore how a natural landscape became highly industrialised. Find out about the oldest resident in Keswick – the River Greta, whose water was the engine for a wealth of water powered industry.

On display in the living here zone are:

  • A selection of Neolithic objects including the Langdale stone axes
  • Artefacts related to farming and dairy production
  • Cabinet display focusing on mining, showing specimens of the area including the Caldbeck minerals
  • Water powered industry: flax, bobbins, pencils
  • Information on Force Crag mine and dealing with a mining legacy

Come along to find out how humans shaped the landscape that you see today.




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