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The Time Tunnel – Exhibition


Meet the Time Travelers – exhibition for children

The exhibition is based on four characters from the book Time Tunnel by Bill Brown. His action packed novel is for children and set in the 18th century Cumbrian town of Keswick.

The book follows the adventures of a group of youngsters as they are transported back in time to Keswick and Borrowdale in 1772. They end up in a time of big changes with the opening up to a wider world through the creation of the first good roads and the impact of the area’s busy mining industry. They encounter eagles and wildcats, witness bull bating and cock fighting whilst they try to rescue their youngest group member Ben, in a place that’s so familiar to them and yet at a time that makes everything very different from today.

The exhibition is the first step to meet the time travelers and find out about their adventures and whom they met in the past.




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