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The fine art collection features primarily works on paper, mainly 19th Century and of regional significance.

The exceptions are nationally important works by Nash and Westall, primarily of 18th Century Southey family portraits and contemporary views, and a significant collection of etchings and lithographs by Brangwyn. Other notable artists include Sir Charles Holmes, Collingwood and Longmire.

The 44 easel paintings are again mainly 19th century in date and of regional importance, though the collection does include a number of works by James Durden, a portrait of Robert Southey by Opie and a Redpath oil. View the collection.

The fine art collection has circa 500 items.

Fine Art Examples

'Betty' by James Durden
‘Betty’ by James Durden
'Gates of Borrowdale' by Frederick Clive Newcome
‘Gates of Borrowdale’ by Frederick Clive Newcome
'Hugh Walpole' by Reginald Grenville Eves
‘Hugh Walpole’ by Reginald Grenville Eves
'June Morning' by James Durden
‘June Morning’ by James Durden
'Keswick Main Street' by Joseph Brown
‘Keswick Main Street’ by Joseph Brown
'Robert Southey' by John Opie
‘Robert Southey’ by John Opie