Peter Crosthwaite

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He is considered the founding Father of tourism in Keswick, though those are not the limits to his accomplishmentsHe was a sailor in the East India Company, an inventor, explorer, surveyor, a husband, a fathercustoms officer, hydrologist, geographer, cartographer, museum owner and admiral in the Keswick regattas. His revolutionary mindset was the first to recognise and utilises the growing tourist trade in Keswick. Peter Crosthwaite was the definition of a polymath, with a plethora of interests and an insatiable curiosity. He was considered a controversial and eccentric character, though in his eulogy there was nothing but kind things to said about him; it was well known that he and Thomas Hutton had an intense rivalry, due to their museums and their work as guides being in competition. Despite their rivalry, the towns people and visitors enjoyed both museums, though Crosthwaite was the only one with Musical Stones.